c-Thermal Overlay

The unique combination of aluminium and PVC made it possible to take full advantage of both materials. Aluminum is distinguished by its extraordinary elegance, the best resistance to varying weather conditions and excellent stability. Aluminium caps are easy to care for and available in an unlimited colour palette in anodized or varing technology.

Acoustic-Thermal Overlay

Aluminium caps are characterized by virtually unlimited color options, not available in standard PVC window. We have at our disposal powder coating in RAL, NCS, a wide range of special colors, wood-like decals, as well as anodized.

The economic conditions in the world are forcing investors and architects to introduce innovative solutions already at the initial stage of investment planning. Investors are looking for solutions that guarantee excellent strength parameters, high quality and energy and acoustic efficiency parameters. The functioning of the product in harmony with nature and the law is of paramount importance. Solutions are extremely valuable in order to refresh the appearance and adapt the object to the current conditions, as well as to completely new investments.

Modern design based on simplicity and aesthetics, excellent energy-saving parameters, acoustics, comfort of use, more natural light in the interior are solutions that are aimed at particularly demanding and conscious customers. PVC-aluminium systems in development meet the ever-increasing technical requirements of public and residential facilities. These solutions today provide technical, qualitative and functional requirements that will be placed by customers for 5, 10 years. The company WINDOWS DEBOW Rafał Prucnal through the implementation of an aluminum acoustic-thermal overlay has a chance to achieve a competitive advantage. The realization of this goal will be possible thanks to new technological possibilities and several years of experience in designing and selling window systems.


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