WINDOWS DEBOW Rafał Prucnal, Mirocin 382, 37-200 Przeworsk invites you to submit an offer for the supply of fixed assets in the form of a edgebanding machine to produce an innovative window with veneer of natural veneers in the project PN. “IMPLEMENTATION of the DESIGN STRATEGY in ORDER to INCREASE the COMPETITIVENESS of the COMPANY WINDOW DEBOW” implemented under the operational programme eastern Poland, priority axis I: enterprised Eastern Poland, action 1.4 pattern on competition II Phase, application for project funding No: POPW. 01.04.00-18-0115/17.

     1. Request for quotation No. 3A/OD/DST/18.
     2. Template for the Quotation form – Appendix 1 to the request for quotation.
     3. Model statement on the lack of personal or equity links between the tenderer and the Purchaser – Appendix 2 to the request for quotation.
     4. Model Declaration determining the origin of the fixed asset used – Appendix 3 to the request for quotation.