Fittings and Accessories

Package Add-ons

Magnetic stramgate

Excellent solution for balcony doors. Just a slight touch of the door leaf to the frame so that they are attracted by the force of the magnet. The power of the magnet is so large that there is no need to latch the door handle every time it is closed.

Dark Brake with break limiter

The break stop with brake for windows and balcony doors counteracts their accidental and sudden closure. Limits the opening angle by selecting the end position setting.

Brake in handle

Simple and effective solution, weatherproof. This comfortable piece of the hardware system makes it simple to turn vertically down the door handle of the open window so that it is securely locked in the desired position.


Magnetic movement sensors for opening the windows and doors, burglary protection. They can be part of an alarm system, or access control.

Molten r

Practical solution, which gives the possibility of multifaceted ventilation of the premises, tailored to the comfort of users.

Exclusive line of Fittings

Additional Packages:

TITANIUM PACKAGE-Special steel reinforcement 2 mm thick, which extends the warranty to 10 years

PASIVELINE PACKAGE-Additional reinforcement compartment filled with polyethylene

SECURITY PACKAGE-The additional window is equipped with a WK1-class anti-balancing hardware

PLATINUM PACKAGE-is a combination of Tytan and Exclusive packages for customers expecting the highest quality product

PACKAGE DESIGNO-Esteta among the windows. The window is equipped with an innovative hardware system that can not be seen on the window. Concealed hinges, no “overlapping” cashes-nothing interferes with the noble appearance of the window. Smooth window surfaces without protracting elements and corners are also time-saving when washing. Thanks to the hinge-integrated limitlet, the maximum opening angle does not exceed 100 °, which counteracts the accidental impact of the sash in the window border. At the same time, open sash allows full access to the window and does not send the view outward. 


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