Exterior Blinds

 Advantages of external blinds

Energy savings and more


External covers that allow you to control the amount of daylight in the rooms. Despite the not very massive design, they also constitute a fairly serious obstacle for the burglar. Although most structures do not have burglary certification, they are the first firewall to be pushed through by a thief, which extends the time it takes to enter the house. Importantly, it causes a lot of noise when pushing it. They also serve as a window protection against weather and improve to some extent the thermal parameters of the window, creating an additional air buffer between the room and space outside the building. 

Available in a wide range of color variants (both painted and veneers). Blind control can be manual: through link or crank and electrical mechanism: through the OPEN-CLOSE key-controlled system at each blind, remote control, advanced automatic exposure management systems the timeline and the intensity of the light outside.

 Types of external blinds

Super-plaster | Flush-mounted | Adjustable



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Flush-mounting systems are designed primarily for use in newly erected buildings. However, after making the necessary changes within the product, these products can also be installed in existing facilities. It is important to plan the application of such solutions and how they are installed even at the design stage of the building, which allows for more efficient use of the functional qualities of such systems.


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Roller shutters in adaptive systems are intended for use mainly in existing buildings. The advantage of these products is undoubtedly the lack of interference with the current state of the building, as they do not require special preparation for installation and are not integrated into the window. This allows the decision to install roller shutters in the adaptive system can be taken at any time. These solutions can be mounted to the window joiner or to the supercharger in the recessed or directly on the wall.


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The overstanding roller shutter System is a proposal from Aluprof aimed at people who expect a functional solution. The SKT OPOTERM blinds can be used in both newly erected objects as well as during the modernization of buildings already existing during the exchange of window joiners. The overstanding roller shutter System is characterized by the direct embedding of the roller shutter on the window frame using the appropriate adaptive profile.

Blind control

Manual control (Manual drive) 

In our offer with handheld drives we have: 

  • Cable reel or belt retractors,
  • The Crankgear cassette to the cable or strap, respectively,
  • Crank
  • Spring.


Optimum system for increased ventilation efficiency


Profile surface for easy cleaning and maintenance of the window


Modular solutions tailored to your different needs


Latest technology solutions to reduce heat loss


Special anti-burglary fittings


Innovative seals and soundproof windows


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