Premium windows

We comprehensively serve customers, offering them in addition to high-quality products expert advice on the selection of window frames.

Open Up For Comfort


The Patio is a modern door in a tilt and slide system that does not take up space in the room. The possibility of airing in a tilt position harmonizes with the other windows.


Patio Fold is a window in a harmonious system that fits in the style of the Debow Classic Line. A striking solution that brings the users of the room to the right behind the window.


HST Life Sliding System is a solution for people who appreciate spaces filled with daylight. Noble Design creates an atmosphere that meets the requirements of the most demanding users.


The combination of natural veneer and PVC represents the unique nature of the product. In one product, we can get an unique and key advantages:

  • naturalness, warmth and prestige of wood
  • High Thermics and large statics
  • Increased acoustics
  • Unique shape

OKNA DEBOW company

The Okna Debow company was established in 2001 and constantly consolidated its position in the hole joiner industry in the domestic and European market. The key to the success of the company is the consistent implementation of modern solutions in the organization of production and modernising the machine park to achieve high quality and reliability of the products: premium windows and doors.

We are an authorized manufacturer of PVC joiners with window and door profiles. The certificates obtained confirm the highest quality of products manufactured in accordance with the technologically advanced manufacturing process.


V-PERFECT technology gives the possibility to make perfect joints of profiles, while removing the resulting shortcomings and improving the quality of corner joints in PVC windows. Obtaining such an effect is not achievable using any other method. The execution of Windows in this system gives countless architectural possibilities.

Exclusive Hardware lines


Special steel reinforcement 2 mm thick, which extends the warranty to 10 years.


This combination of Tytan and Exclusive packages for customers expecting the highest quality product.


Additional reinforcement compartment filled with polyethylene


The window is additionally equipped with an anti-balancing WK1-class hardware


Esteta among the Windows. The window is equipped with an innovative hardware system that can not be seen on the window.

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